Top Guilds - Achievement Points

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RankNamePointsGuild AgeEXP Boost
1.Shade of Gray3,5852254 days+15.0% EXP
2.The Flying Circus3,5852853 days+15.0% EXP
3.Space Crusaders3,5852246 days+15.0% EXP
4.Tempo G3,5852505 days+15.0% EXP
5.trojan sausages3,5842515 days+15.0% EXP
6.zakia3,5842646 days+15.0% EXP
7.Haruno3,5841508 days+15.0% EXP
8.Symphony of Roars3,5602853 days+14.9% EXP
9.The Goonies3,4892853 days+14.8% EXP
10.Order of the Rose3,4442666 days+14.7% EXP
11.Project Faith3,3441979 days+14.5% EXP
12.Symphony of Angels3,204373 days+14.2% EXP
13.Freelancers2,9542495 days+13.6% EXP
14.Adrenaline Rush2,7232491 days+13.1% EXP
15.Needles And Pins2,5832091 days+12.7% EXP
16.Legio Draconum2,4642113 days+12.4% EXP
17.Polycephalous2,461852 days+12.4% EXP
18.The Wurst Guild2,2371423 days+11.8% EXP
19.Lelysth2,1102019 days+11.5% EXP
20.Mighty Baconcakes2,0251773 days+11.3% EXP
21.Master of shadows1,9741630 days+11.1% EXP
22.SsleepingForest1,9412044 days+11.0% EXP
23.Vampyric_1,7831402 days+10.6% EXP
24.Golden Fighters1,775117 days+10.6% EXP
25.One Hit Wonderpets1,7552853 days+10.5% EXP
26.Summer BBQ1,6982826 days+10.3% EXP
27.shewee friends1,5761618 days+9.9% EXP
28.Squad Goals1,541566 days+9.8% EXP
29.FC University1,5162595 days+9.8% EXP
30.0o_o01,4932334 days+9.7% EXP
31.Crystalium1,4572084 days+9.6% EXP
32.The Celestial World1,435213 days+9.5% EXP
33.TORHAJ1,3411565 days+9.2% EXP
34.spawn of darkness1,3032528 days+9.0% EXP
35.Vampyric1,2531915 days+8.9% EXP
36.Knights of Solamnia1,2472137 days+8.8% EXP
37.Kabuto Yakushi1,1841496 days+8.6% EXP
38.Dark Horse Guild1,1702166 days+8.6% EXP
39.The G Era1,1042414 days+8.3% EXP
40.The Dagda1,0582255 days+8.1% EXP
41.simbili1,0501101 days+8.1% EXP
42.geomaniacs9811864 days+7.8% EXP
43.GlytchBound9202612 days+7.6% EXP
44.Glutamine Lovers8872853 days+7.5% EXP
45.Knights of bloody8751267 days+7.4% EXP
46.Karma8642596 days+7.4% EXP
47.Division8582163 days+7.3% EXP
48.Planet hippo8481498 days+7.3% EXP
49.Ministry Of Wars7552195 days+6.9% EXP
50.Project Soul7502332 days+6.9% EXP
51.ViciousAnimals7351950 days+6.8% EXP
52.Insomniacs Anonymous7292422 days+6.8% EXP
53.The Anomalies660598 days+6.4% EXP
54.Black Titans6571195 days+6.4% EXP
55.SwordArtOnline649776 days+6.4% EXP
56.ExtremePro6301200 days+6.3% EXP
57.Hidden Ninja6282145 days+6.3% EXP
58.FunkyFreshGuild6282788 days+6.3% EXP
59.TheDiamondFighters6251477 days+6.3% EXP
60.0o0o0o06212309 days+6.2% EXP
61.Relentless Warriors6111683 days+6.2% EXP
62.The Exiled6022757 days+6.1% EXP
63.4nonymous597843 days+6.1% EXP
64.Style569940 days+6.0% EXP
65.Zequinoctis5681654 days+6.0% EXP
66.smelly goats5652014 days+6.0% EXP
67.Now We Wait5431406 days+5.8% EXP
68.Aegis Of Aeolus5191784 days+5.7% EXP
69.Boundless480623 days+5.5% EXP
70.Red Bull Heroes4721837 days+5.4% EXP
71.We Make It Look Easy4481891 days+5.3% EXP
72.Zomg Owns My Guild4472822 days+5.3% EXP
73.Frontier4471968 days+5.3% EXP
74.God Is Dead4402173 days+5.3% EXP
75.the power4382564 days+5.2% EXP
76.Earthdooms4201337 days+5.1% EXP
77.Guns n Roses381201 days+4.9% EXP
78.Gecko Moria3811740 days+4.9% EXP
79.Gang Green3782590 days+4.9% EXP
80.Radical3771337 days+4.9% EXP
81.Conquest IX3761304 days+4.9% EXP
82.Bloodshock3531800 days+4.7% EXP
83.ALuCard_hellsng3461412 days+4.7% EXP
84.Dark Nightmare3342005 days+4.6% EXP
85.Therass321683 days+4.5% EXP
86.We are the Kings3211122 days+4.5% EXP
87.Runners306465 days+4.4% EXP
88.Choose Metal2732848 days+4.1% EXP
89.Famous Last Words2662393 days+4.1% EXP
90.Pyro2532513 days+4.0% EXP
91.Nocturnal Tirany252114 days+4.0% EXP
92.Black Dragon Aces2402635 days+3.9% EXP
93.Jackass X2262219 days+3.8% EXP
94.To The Limit216693 days+3.7% EXP
95.No Life Kings Curse196581 days+3.5% EXP
96.KingsAndQueens1931286 days+3.5% EXP
97.Fighting Dreamers 2192946 days+3.5% EXP
98.Welcome Newbies1852145 days+3.4% EXP
99.The Guild of Pirates1812421 days+3.4% EXP
100.Intoxicated1731715 days+3.3% EXP