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Game Guide

Game Guide
1.0 Getting Started
1.1 Welcome to Sacred Seasons
1.2 Creating an Account
1.3 Choosing Your Season and Class
1.4 First Moves
1.5 Top Menu
1.6 Tips for Starting Out

2.0 Attributes
2.1 Character Attributes
3.0 Character
3.1 Customizing Your Colors
3.2 Equipment
3.3 Equipping Your Character
4.0 Combat
4.1 The Battle

1.1 – Welcome to Sacred Seasons

The Heartlands might be one of many things. It might be our Dreamlands. It could be the magical version of ours split off from Earth millennia ago, left to grow a similar but different path. It might be an afterlife of sorts or all of these things at once.

Sacred Seasons is set in the Heartlands, and what we call North America here. However, the world is bigger, more wonderful than ours. The Sun is larger and redder, mountains push into the atmosphere and canyons vanish into darkness. Cornfields glisten like gold and each snowfall can become a terrifying blizzard.

The world isn’t entirely idyllic though – the cities have their share of horrors and the wilds are full of their own dangers.

And then there are the Badlands. They are like a cancer spreading across the World – large areas, going bad and these are growing.

1.2 – Creating an Account

The first step you need to make is creating an account for your character. This is a very quick process, and the only information you need is a login, password and email. One important note, is that whatever you choose for you username, will also be used for you characters name.

1.3 – Choosing Your Season and Class

The first choice you are presented with is deciding what season you would like to align yourself with. Don’t worry, you can still change this after you make your selection. All classes have a description and starting attribute shown. You can also browse this site if you’re looking for more information on them before you make your choice.

Once you have made your decision, you can customize the colors of your character to find the look you desire. This can also be done in the game. You will also find new hairstyles, hats, clothing and weapons in the World Store.

1.4 – First Moves

Click anywhere on the screen to move your character. If you would like to move to a new area, you can click on the glowing circles near the edge of the screen. This will be how your character moves around the world map and explores new areas.

Blue portals are shown for stores, and red portals indicate a dungeon or battle.

At the start of the game you will notice there are only two areas to explore. This brings us to our first quest. To talk to characters in the world, simply click anyone with an ‘!’ over there head. Some will have useful information for you and some will have quests to send you on.

On the first screen you will see a character named Jonas. He will send you on your very first quest. After clicking him, head east by clicking on the glowing portal. You will see a cave with a red portal, click that to enter and attempt to clear your first dungeon.

Once you have entered the dungeon, click on the battle portals. This will take you to the combat gameplay. You have two main options, attack and skills. Click your target once you have made a decision. Juggling how you decide to fight the enemy can be the difference between success and failure.

Clearing all battles here will complete the quest. Clearing a dungeon will also replenish all your HPs and SPs. Now head back to Jonas to get your reward and continue exploring the Heartlands.

1.5 – Top Menu

While traveling through the Heartlands, you are always accompanied by your General Menu along the top of the game screen.

World Store – All the best goodies are found here. Weapons, hats, hairstyles, etc.
World Bank – Visit the bank to purchase gold to use in the World Store
Character – Customize your character and equip any weapons here
Skills – Have a look at what skills you have unlocked and what ones are coming up
Map – Quick overview of the areas in the game
Quests – Keeps track of any quests you have taken on, and if you have completed them
Friends – Stores all friends in a list
Options – Game options

1.6 – Tips for Starting Out

Moving from screen to screen

White portals are located along the edges of the screen if you can move in that direction. Simply click on any bit of the portal to move to the next area. Even if someone is standing on it, you can still click any visible piece to move. Sometimes portals are hidden until you have completed a quest so be sure to re-visit areas as the World is constantly opening up.

Finding Quests

Clicking on a character with a ‘!’ over their head will either give you a little bit of information or they will have a quest for you. Once they give you a quest, you can find it in your quest log located in the main menu. When you have completed the task, make sure to return back to the person who gave it to you. The quest is still incomplete until this happens. Also, just because a person doesn’t have a quest for you now, doesn’t mean they won’t later, so be sure to re-visit people.

Refilling health and skill points

There are two ways to replenish your health in the game. First, is by clearing dungeons. Anytime you clear all the battles in a dungeon you will completely refill your health and skill points. Secondly are items. There are a variety of different items that will refill a specific amount of health or skill points for you.

Strength in numbers

Make sure to invite your friends to fight along your side. There is full multiplayer support in Sacred Seasons and having another player in the battle with you can help turn the tide.

Leveling Up

Every time your class moves up a level you will see an increase in attributes and you may even learn a new skill. All classes have a pre-determined growth rate, but they are percentage based so classes will vary in attributes when they are at the same level.

Making new friends

If you want to gain more information about a player you can simply click their character to view more stats about them. If you would like to communicate with them, you can private message them from this same box.

Gold and Silver

There are two types of currencies in Sacred Seasons. Silver is used for common items and is obtained from defeating enemies in dungeons. Gold is used for rare and powerful items. It is purchased through the World Store or the links along the bottom.

2.1 – Character Attributes

Your character is made up of the following attributes. As you level up, you will grow at different rates in each area depending on your class strengths and weaknesses.

Hit Points – The amount of damage your character can take. Once this hit zero, it is game over.
Skill Points – The amount of skills you character can perform during battle.
Attack – The amount of physical damage done.
Magic – The amount of magical damage done.
Skill – Improves the chance of you hitting your enemy, improves your chance of dodging an enemy attack and improves the amount of damage done.
Speed - Improves the chance of you hitting your enemy, improves your chance of dodging an enemy attack and improves the amount of damage done.
Luck – Improves your chance of a critical hit, and improves your chance of dodging an enemy attack
Defense – Your main defense against physical damage.
Resistance – Your main defense against magical damage.

3.1 – Customizing Your Colors

Everyone wants their character to have some personality, and in Sacred Seasons you have a lot of freedom with the look of your character. Most items in the game can have their color changed simply by visiting the Character tab from your main menu and adjusting the color in the boxes. Once you have the look you are wanting, don’t forget to click ‘Ready’ to save your changes.

3.2 – Equipment

There are four main pieces of equipment in the game,

Weapons – These are used to boost your characters stats in battle. A good weapon can make a huge difference in your performance during a fight.
Armor – These are mostly cosmetic features for your character although there are some that offer attribute boosts.
Items – There are two types of items. Some replenish your health and some replenish your skill. You may use them during battle or via the character screen later.
Hat/Hair – These are mostly cosmetic, but there are some that offer attribute boosts.
Equipment can be purchased with both Silver and Gold depending on what you are looking for. The store in Shikaakwa sells mostly common items that cost Silver. The World Store sells rare items that are more costly and usually charge Gold.

3.3 – Equipping Your Character

In your character menu, all your weapons, armor, headgear and items are listed. As you progress through the game you will most likely want to improve the weapons you are using. If you select a weapon from the list, you will notice your stats change to show how much this will add to your characters attributes. Once you have found a weapon you are happy with, click ‘Ready’ to equip it and you’re on your way.

4.1 – The Battle

When you enter a battle, your goal is to defeat all the enemies. Below we will breakdown the battle screen in more detail.

Timer Bar – This green capsule begins refilling as soon as you perform an action. All classes have a preset attack rate which you can find in their class section.
Health Bar – These are your characters hit points. When this reaches zero it is game over.
Skill Bar – These are your characters skill points. You use these to perform your class skills in battle.
Battle Log – The battle is logged so you may be aware of all actions in case you miss something.
Enemy HUD – Hovering your cursor over an enemy will bring up valuable information about the enemies attributes that you are in battle with. Use this to your advantage.
Friendly HUD – Hovering your cursor over a friendly will quickly tell you who may need a skill performed on them and what there attributes are.
Battle Menu – This appears when your timer bar has refilled. It gives you four options; attack, skills, items and escape.
Attack – Click the enemy you want for your basic attack.
Skill – Perform a variety of skills, both offensive and defensive based on your class.
Item – Use any items you have brought into battle here to restore some health or skill.
Escape – Battle not going your way? Use this to get out of there.