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Praised as the most vibrant and beautiful, those who side themselves with the Spring spirits are gifted with exceptional vitality and youthfulness, as well as passion. Spring warriors generally seek to enhance the skills of their allies, while using the forces of nature to rain massive damage onto their enemies.
Like the sun high above the mid-day sky, the summer classes burn brightly with a sense of individuality. Those who ally themselves with the Summer spirits are gifted with command over powerful and unusual skills.
Like the changing leaves on a tree, the fall classes cover a broad spectrum of fighting styles ranging from pure aggression to pure defense. Known for their tenacity and toughness, the fall classes are the survivalists of the 3 seasonal classes.
Hailing from the cold and hostile climate to the north, most winter classes have developed highly specialized tactics for surviving in their harsh surroundings. While extremely skilled, their specialization has come at a cost.